Samantha "Sami" Circeo

RCYFCC – Level 10

scan0001Samantha “Sami” Circeo is a Senior at Godwin High School (Richmond, Virginia).  She has been a member of River City Youth Fitness Competitive Club (RCYFCC) for the past 9 years.  

Sami achieved her 2012-2013 goal of qualifying for Eastern Nationals as a Level 9 athlete.  Her future gymanstic goals  are to train hard and compete aggressively, enjoy gymnastics to her fullest and prove herself at the 2014 National Meet as a Level 10.  Ultimately,  Sami dreams of becoming a contributing member of a collegiate  gymnastics team. 

She is coached by Holly Hamblen and Rich Engle.

Holly and Rich can be contacted at River City Youth Fitness, Manakin Sabot, Virgina at (804)-784-1990



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